Taking Back Ground Program


“He who the Son sets free is free indeed”
John 8:36

Several years ago I didn’t really understand that until the addiction to habitual  sexual addiction had been abated one is not going to be able to deal with the gender identity  issue in their life.  So, now in our ministering to those who struggle with same sex attraction or homosexuality  we put them through our regular freedom Fighter Program to get their freedom from the addictive nature of the whole sexual issue in the human condition.

We have experienced tremendous success with the gender issue since this practice has been in place.

The whole combined program  takes twice as long, but if the participant is willing to do what it takes to get that freedom, they will!  God guarantees this blessing.

Are you struggling with same sex attraction or  homosexuality?  Would you like a confidential environment to address this area of your life with someone who understands and cares?

If so, Taking Back Ground is the right program for you!  Taking Back Ground is a twenty week discipleship series designed for those of all ages who are struggling with their gender identity.  Whether you are a teenager, college student, or an adult, Taking Back Ground will provide you with a great deal of understanding of ‘how things got this way.’  Taking Back Ground will also be a powerful source of encouragement and support as you seek healing in your life.


Taking Back Ground At-Home Follow-On Program

Like in many endeavors some can learn and apply concepts faster than others.  Most who take our Taking  Back Ground Program experience victory early in the program  and in the time allotted gain total freedom from their habitual sin.  Some don’t make this kind of progress and for that reason we developed our Follow-On Program  so that before we actually graduate them from the regular program  they spend a period of time continuing the program  just a little more extensively so they can experience  total victory in a short extension of the program.  They then graduate.  This is a self-directed approach to it that seems to work better than just going over the material again.

In addition,  we let our Freedom fighters all know that when they graduate and keep in place their new lifestyle of Godly living they are not likely to drift back into old behaviors that lead to falling again  But occasionally we hear from one of our graduates before they actually fall and when this happens they have caught it in time to just spend a few weeks with their coach in this program and then re-gain their freedom very quickly.  This is the best scenario  for recidivists to experience  because they still have their new lifestyle in place and just need some fine tuning to get back on track immediately.

In essence, we are offering our graduates a life-time guarantee of their freedom as the cost for this program is dramatically reduced

If you would like to learn  more about Taking Back Ground and how our trained coaches can help you give us a call at 888-934-0333 or send email to info@freeindeedne.com or 207-945-3424 for local calls.

If you would like to submit a secure online application for Taking Back Ground click here now.