Taking Back Ground Program

“He who the Son sets free is free indeed”
John 8:36

Free Indeed’s highly trained mentors want to walk with you on your journey into sexual and relational wholeness. Our 10 month Taking Back Ground series is broken down into two parts, each lasting five months. This comprehensive study, along with personalized one-on-one support with help you break through barriers that have held you back for so long. We dont just give you information, we train you to overcome until you are free indeed!

Taking Back Ground’s valuable content, along with instensive personal support, will help leverage you into new personal freedom and an intimate walk with Christ. Each topic is intended to challenge you to grow beyond your own limitations and find the strength in Christ. Many people have experienced the benefits of this study and are now walking in freedom from addictions, self-hatred, self-centeredness, unmet emotional needs, abuse and gender confusion.

“The title says it all. Anyone experiencing the struggle between godly desires and human limitations will find solid comfort and direction in Taking Back Ground. This is the sort of tool I wish I’d been given when my own journey began.”

-Joe Dallas, author of Desires in Conflict

“Taking Back Ground is a tool for life-change. It is insightful, Biblical, hopeful and practical in offering help for those who have struggled with homosexuality and gender confusion. It offers a foundation, building materials and tools to restore life and abundant living to those who desire God’s healing touch in their lives. The authors have lived and walked alongside many whose lives have been transformed through this time-tested material. If you need life-change, begin the journey with Taking Back Ground.”

-Jan Frank M.A. MFT (Marriage Family Therapist), speaker, and author of Door of Hope

“A fantastic resource for anyone struggling to overcome homosexuality. This workbook is highly recommended.”

-Bob Davies, former Executive Director of Exodus, NA and co-author of Coming Out of Homosexuality & Someone I Love is Gay.”

Are you struggling with same sex attraction, homosexuality or lesbianism?  Would you like a confidential environment to address this area of your life with someone who understands and cares?

If so, Taking Back Ground is the right program for you! Whether you are a teenager, college student, or an adult, male or female, Taking Back Ground will provide you with a great deal of understanding of ‘how things got this way.’  Taking Back Ground will also be a powerful source of encouragement and support as you seek healing in your life.

We have flexible payment options to fit your budget. All program payments are non-refundable.


Taking Back Ground At-Home Follow-On Program

If you would like to learn  more about Taking Back Ground and how our trained coaches can help you give us a call at 888-934-0333 or send email to info@freeindeedne.com or 207-945-3424 for local calls.

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