A Heart of Gratitude

My name is Anna Robinson, and I am thankful for my husband’s former struggle with sexual sin.  How can you say that you might ask.  Because I would not be the person I am today otherwise.  God worked in me during that time a new dependence on Him.  He showed me my own self-righteous attitude and how I had made my husband’s sin an idle in my life.  It was easy for me to be negative with my husband, but very difficult to be thankful.  God showed me where my attention needed to be, which was on Him.  I began to see, through the cross, that I am a sinner in need of grace just like my husband.  He helped me step by step to begin to be thankful.  When you begin to see the importance of a heart of gratitude, it sets you free from the impossible expectations we place on others, and the contentment we can have in God.  God truly takes the bad things in our lives and turns them into something good.