Written Testimonies

Anonymous Testimony 1

Being a person who struggles with “same sex attraction”, but has been forever tempted to fall off the edge for a long time, I agree with everything you wrote  hands down (this person is referring to an article that I wrote on Same Sex Attraction and Homosexuality  that you can read, click here).  Though I struggle, I mentally identify myself as a heterosexual.  Though my struggles continue  to be very difficult and I fail in my thoughts all the time,  I have been blessed with many Christian brothers and sisters  that I can share my frustrations with.  The younger Christian brothers who have come along side to fight and pray with me have been the most helpful thus far, not to mention the tools and information Free Indeed equipped me with.

Attraction wise I am gradually noticing and taking an interest more and more in the opposite sex in spite of the temptations I deal with.  Thanks to my Christian brothers and a continual relationship with Christ through practicing His presence, I feel my broken identity as a man has been slowly been put back together.  This is all taking a lot of time with plenty of struggles, repeated failures, and joys along the way.  God has held me up for what I consider a long time and I have not given up!

Thanks for your ministry.  Be assured, I believe in what you do.  Don’t stop.  Ever!

A grateful Freedom Fighter!



Anonymous Testimony 2

From a young age, I was consumed by a lifestyle of sexual sin.  Pornography, masturbation and elicit fantasies were not just a part of a daily routine, they had lodged themselves so deep within my mind that it became of way of life.  For almost 20 years this lifestyle was kept secret from family, mentors and Godly individuals who could have held me accountable.  I assumed that much of this problem was rooted in sexual repression, and thought that the problem would be resolved when I got married.  However, the truth is that un-confessed sin will remain as long as we are unwilling to take it to the Lord as a matter of humility and open confession.

By the grace of God, my wife was faithful to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and one day she had asked me if I was struggling.  Like open floodgates I confessed years of brokenness and asked her for forgiveness.  I was willing and ready to be free from a lifelong addiction, but still needed the tools and knowledge to be truly free.  We went to our mentors and asked them for advice and fortunately they pointed me to Free Indeed Ministries.  I filled out the application and began the program as soon as I was able.  At first, the process was daunting.  The thought of undoing almost two decades of sexual sin seemed impossible.  Over weeks and months, through the resources and mentorship that the program offered, I was able to see my sin for what it was, not only something that I did, but apart of who I was.  I surrendered my will to the Lord and through the Grace of God, daily obedience, and the process of time I was set free from a life of sexual addiction.

My story is not over, and I know that the act of appealing to God’s grace and daily obedience is something that must be done  every morning.  I appeal to all those who are seeking freedom and implore you to make the necessary sacrifices in your life to be free from sin and call upon those who have been gifted to guide you to freedom.


Anonymous Testimony 3

“Free Indeed Ministries did in twenty  weeks what  i could not do alone in over twenty years.”

-anonymous Freedom Fighter