Wives Program

Happy husband & Wife PhotoWe are so excited to have added to our offerings a program that directly addresses the issues that wives of men struggling with any type of relational or sexual brokenness must learn to deal with and accept.  There are none who go unscathed when addiction is part of a family struggle.

Our new Wives Program is the same length as their husbands, but it focuses on the wives’ issues.  It too lasts 20 weeks and if the wives are willing to make behavioral changes in their lives then they will heal right along with their counter-part, their husband.

In the past we saw many men get freedom and their wives were left behind thinking that they must have done something to cause their husband to succumb to habitual sexual sin.  This is a lie directly from the enemy as each of us is responsible for our own choices.  In fact, we can generalize that the quality of each of our lives is directly related to the choices we have made.

Now, with a woman specially trained and who has experienced the issues stated above, we are able to help most of the wives whose husbands are in the Freedom Fighter’s Program.  And it is highly effective and therefore more of our graduates live in harmony with their wives’ and families. This is primarily due to a great coach and  this great program!

If your husband is currently enrolled in one of our programs then you automatically qualify for admission to this program and there is no additional charge for it!  You cannot beat this, can you?

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