History of Free Indeed Ministries

Free Indeed Ministries was founded and started by Aaron Shorey, when Aaron and I began our friendship during a men’s retreat in Augusta.  Following this powerful weekend, Aaron and I began to seek God’s will as Aaron was prayerfully considering the possibility of transitioning from his role as a youth pastor to launch Free Indeed Ministries.  After much prayer and fellowship, Aaron and I formulated a plan.  In His Sovereignty, God took the ministry in an entirely different direction.  Free Indeed Ministries was the result of a wonderful assignment for us both.  The ministry officially launched in the spring of 2000 during a commissioning service at Bangor Baptist Church.  We adopted the scripture of John 8:36, “He who the Son sets free, is free indeed,” as our ministry verse.

In the early days we had mostly  participants in group settings throughout the State of Maine, but saw that it was growing too fast to continue this as Aaron was running himself ragged back and forth to all these group meetings each week.

We decided instead  to  make our programs for homosexuals and those struggling with pornography and other sexual and/or relational brokenness as, “At Home Programs.

That meant that both coaches and participants need not leave the privacy of their own homes to participate in their weekly meetings that we call, “Chalk Talk Sessions,” where the discipleship  occurs in our primary purpose, helping to set the captives from relational and sexual brokenness free.  We adopted the scripture of John 8:36, “He who the Son sets free, is free indeed,”  as our ministry mantra.

After thirteen years of experience, a change in the directorship  from Aaron  to myself, we have undergone numerous enhancements to our programs and our success rate in deliverance by the grace of God is the best in the business, primarily due to the fact that  it is all strictly Biblical from the material presented to the tools that we use with our participants.

If you struggle with any of the above mentioned sexual issues or love someone who does you have come to the right place.  It is our desire to help.

Please let us know if we can assist you or your loved one in choosing the right program.