Position on Same Sex Marriage

Position on Same Sex Marriage

Free Indeed Ministries  –  Position on Same Sex Marriage


Free Indeed Ministries is a Maine based ministry that uses technology to disciple men and women who are struggling with sexual and/or relational brokenness throughout the world.  We take a Biblical approach to this healing discipleship program.  We love and respect all people, and with the Lord’s intervention we help them overcome their sins.  It is impossible to help anyone if it is not done with the earnest and genuine love of God, and through His love we have experienced phenomenal success in helping to set these captives free from their habitual sin.

Many of our clients have known the bondage and devastation of homosexual sin, and have been set free indeed by letting the Holy Spirit guide and control their lives.  Now they live as free men and women according to God’s plan, rather than as slaves to their sinful lust.  The Bible teaches us that the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is between one man and one woman for a lifetime.  Anything that corrupts this Holy union is against God’s will and therefore, by definition, is a sin.

Our position on Same Sex Marriage, is that we are vehemently opposed!  Any  law to the contrary  is diametrically opposed to God’s plan for men and women, as expressly laid out in God’s holy word, and is an abomination to God!  Further, it is destructive to the family unit and is part of the reason for a sixty-three percent divorce rate in our country.  Same sex marriage grieves God and destroys lives.  We know.  We deal with the consequences of this sin on a daily basis.

At Free Indeed it is our mission to be part of the solution, rather than to further the problem.