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Tool Series #2: Re-Framing, dealing with offending thoughts

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Tool Series #2:  Re-Framing, dealing with offending thoughts

In our last article in the “Tool Series” we talked about the need to retrain the mind and what a wonderful exercise the three second rule is to accomplish this task. The rule challenges us that God constructed our minds with such wisdom that we can choose a pure thought life. However, what we did not explain is exactly HOW to deal with impure thoughts. That’s where re-framing comes in and this tool works seamlessly in conjunction with the three second rule. Here is how it works. Most pictures have a frame around them. The frame not only protects the image but presents it in a pleasing and attractive manner. Temptation, likewise, comes with a seductive presentation compelling us towards instant-gratification. It’s message is, “This...

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Tool Series #1: The 3 Second Rule, how to retrain your mind.

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Tool Series #1:  The 3 Second Rule, how to retrain your mind.

The need to retrain the mind cannot be understated in the fight for freedom from the grip of sexual sin. Pornography and other sexual addictions employ fantasy and imagination to arouse lust. These patterns of thought are well ingrained in the mind. If sustained victory is to be obtained, the mind must be changed from an instrument of lust to an instrument of righteousness. The mind is the place where reason (mind) and volition (the heart) must seize impulse and stop the progression of instant gratification. It is here that we must engage the battle before the thought becomes a desire in the heart. Consider the following tool we teach to abate sin and create new patterns of thinking. The “3 Second Rule” The three second rule simply states, “I will not think...

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