“We simply did not know where to turn.”

“We simply did not know where to turn.”

“We simply did not know where to turn.”

This is a statement we hear regularly when fielding front line calls from struggling families. Let’s face it, sexual addiction is not a topic people like to talk about, especially around church. People need a safe place to turn to where the they will be understood by those who have battled the same challenges. It is easy to give advice. Anyone can tell people where they have gone wrong, but what is not so easy is to put hand in hand and walk a soul out of the wilderness of addiction. Free Indeed is uniquely called and equipped to deal specifically in the area of sexual and relational brokenness.

Modern statistics place pornography use at alarming rates among Christians. Over half of men and thirty percent of women and pastors are viewing pornography regularly. The average age of exposure among children dropped from age eleven to eight. There is most likely not a family present in your Sunday morning service that has not been touched by this pervasive issue. In essence, everyone is affected but nobody wants to talk about it.

“Super-Addiction” is what one recent study called the problem because of porn’s unique ability to stimulate all four pleasure centers in the brain. It has also been labeled a “natural addiction” in that the brain itself releases a powerful “nuero-cocktail” similar to a synthetic heroin. Porn addicts are junkies, plain and simple.

In addition to these physiological effects, it is porn’s effects on the heart that are of greatest concern. It seems to grab a soul in its deepest recesses and will not let go. It attacks that part of us where our will to believe, to fight and overcome resides. It reduces its user to a passive slave with no hope of ever getting free. What is worse, it deceives the heart to the danger and severity its presence through ever increasing spiritual darkness. Through rationalization and blame shifting responsibility, the conscience becomes seared and the wretched soul can get along fine with the vilest affections.

So the distraught husband who says, “It’s out of control, I just can’t seem to stop no matter what I try”, breathes a sigh of relief to hear, “I was in the same place and said the same things. One step at a time and you will be free as well.” Because all of our coaches have come out of these vicious cycles themselves, they have a high level of relate-ability and can extend the necessary patience and understanding needed. As Proverbs tells us, “A man of understanding has great patience.”

Our greatest joy is to hear a new ring of hope in the voice of those who had none. Hope is sort of a humble little word, but it’s power is unparalleled. Hope is the stuff heros are made of. Hope is the main ingredient in courage and is one of the titan virtues of I Corinthians 13, “And these three remain, faith, hope and love…” Where hope is alive, so is the possibility of freedom. Free Indeed exists to proclaim hope to the captive. Would you please consider supporting this ministry with your prayers and financial support?

Yours for the Captives,

Ted Robinson
Executive Director, Free Indeed